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Organic Restaurant and Health Food Store in Sheridan Wyoming

Organic Lunch Bar & Sandwich Bar (Mon-Fri), Non-GMO Groceries, & Locally-Sourced Goods

Cinnamon Rolls from Golden Rule Grocers' Organic Restaurant & Bakery, Sheridan WY
Organic Smoothie from the Organic Restaurant & Bakery at Golden Rule Grocers Health Food Store, Sheridan WY
Golden Rule Grocers' Famous Pizza - Organic Restaurant & Bakery, Sheridan WY
Golden Rule Grocers - Organic Farm Produce Sheridan Wyoming
Golden Rule Grocers - Locally Owned Health Food Store Sheridan, Wyoming
Golden Rule Grocers - Non-GMO Groceries Sheridan Wyoming

Golden Rule Grocers features an organic restaurant with steam table, hot bar, soups, and salads Monday through Friday, and sandwiches and breakfast items Sunday through Friday with a rotating menu of eclectic, healthy options–always organic, non-GMO, and deliciously made with love. Try our legendary Chicken suiza (enchiladas), local beef tacos, and bierocks (cabbage burgers), among other dishes changing daily with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. In addition to our organic restaurant, Golden Rule Grocers features a full grocery section for all your health food store needs!

Golden Rule Grocers Organic Restaurant and Health Food Store, Sheridan WY

Our Story

Golden Rule Grocers Health Food Store: Organic Non-GMO Groceries in Sheridan WYGolden Rule Grocers is a locally owned and operated health food store and organic restaurant in lovely Sheridan, WY. We are founded on the belief that our customers should be able to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of products that truly promote their well-being.

All our items are non-GMO, and all our produce is 100% organic! In addition, we carry organic products, organic local farm produce, local honey, local soaps, and locally-processed almonds!

We have 100% grass-fed and finished local meats (beef, lamb).

We also serve healthy, organic lunch items Monday through Friday. Lunch items vary daily and usually include sandwiches, salads, and/or soup prepared daily from fresh ingredients with gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options available!

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New! Local Alpaca Yarn
and alpaca yarn hats

Local alpaca yarn and alpaca yarn hats | Golden Rule Grocers, Sheridan, WY


Last month I was in Sheridan on business and attempting to maintain a healthy diet while travelling. I stopped by Golden Rule Grocers about 15 minutes before closing.
I can’t compliment Melissa enough for her friendliness and helpfulness in showing me items I could make in my hotel room. Just as an example, after I bought celery for tuna salad she took it in the back, washed it, chopped it up and put it in a separate container – and at this point it was after closing time!

Mark Mensack

Have you been to Golden Rule yet? Everything is non-gmo! Most of it is organic. This is where we get our groceries. The quality is something you can feel really good about feeding your family. The premade sandwiches are bomb-diggity, they happily showed me how to make my own at home. Melissa has been extremely helpful in ordering bulk for me. Had I known I could eat the best at such great prices, I would have done it a lot sooner. They also have produce baskets every other week. It’s all organic, they have multiple sizes of baskets and you know what’s in it before you even order it. Melissa, Sean and Trey are so kind, open and helpful. Thank you Golden Rule Grocers!

Sarah Mulholland

Excellent prices; up to a dollar less than other stores in town on some items, friendly faces, and some fun foods like sushi rice, drinks made out of clementine juice which have the kick of coffee, and many other great items.

Carla Trier

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